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In Slytherin, you'll meet your real friends.
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31st-Oct-2005 10:12 pm - House stuff!
I guess I haven't updated in a bit. And no one else ever does. So...here I am. (Y'all know you can post here, right? o_O)

House Awards

We've had some already. Three (the ones for other houses) are ending tonight, less than 2 hours from this post. But I've gone ahead and posted the next three.


It's over for some of you and almost over for the rest of us, but by gum, we have a forum for it. We have the following:

Magical Murder: We're having a murder mystery, and y'all are the detectives!

Pumpkin Carving: Go check out our pumpkin graphic contest.

Masquerade Ball: Get on the dance floor and boogie to "Monster Mash."

Haunted Mansion: The haunted house is back!


We need a couple more subs for Quidditch, folks (or is it one now?). The first scrimmage is scheduled for Friday.

Trivia Contest

Slytherin's having another trivia contest. Entries are due...Wednesday, I think...something like that.

Welcoming Committee

Congratulations to Carol (Barty Crouch, Jr.) for being named the leader of the committee and for being made an RP teacher.
7th-Oct-2005 12:39 am - More Slytherin stuff
Before you ask, yes, we'll get the existing contest entries judged. Ahem.


1) Custom WOL contest: Come up with custom locations for your mods! An easy, low-points contest.
2) Trivia contest: Answer 10 HP trivia questions. Woot.
3) Animate Me contest: Damnit, someone will send me an entry. (Besides what I have.) *poke*

Also, new tonight:

A Halloween pet photo contest! It's boardwide. Let's kick the asses of those in other houses.

Meanwhile, please nominate for house awards if you haven't. And vote on the banner maker. And nominate people for Slytherin of the Month.
3rd-Oct-2005 01:32 am - House stuff
Some reminders and announcements. Man, we've got a lot going on...


Animate Me
The contest deadline has been extended to October 9.

Ship Fics
The deadline is October 3 (today, my time). I will most surely end up extending this deadline.

Yeah, we still need to decide on the other contests...

House Awards

The nomination thread has been posted. So has the banner vote. You have until October 16.

Staff Forum

I'm not even sure if y'all can see it...maybe I shouldn't even say anything. :-) But if y'all can see the staff subforum and can actually see in it, please be honest and let us know. Ahem.
28th-Sep-2005 12:11 am - Reminders
Some deadline reminders for everyone:

Animation contest: September 30
House awards banner: October 2
House awards vote: October 2
Ship fic contest: October 3

I'm going to be away for a few days, although I'll bring my laptop.

In other news, we have a new Quidditch leader!
26th-Sep-2005 10:56 am - Slytherin stuff
Some contest stuff:

1) Entries for the mod title contest are due tonight.
2) Ship fic entries are due October 3.
3) Animation contest entries are due September 30.

House awards:

1) Vote for your favorite awards and help us narrow down the list! Voting will stay open until October 2.
2) Be the house awards banner maker! 5 points if we vote for your entry!

Yes, we're busy little beavers. And I'll be away for a few days myself, although I'll check in in the evenings, I guess.

Also, Quidditch team members, remember to stay active! I know it's been going slowly and is now not going at all in Nikki's absence, but it'll be back on soon enough, and we'd better not be forfeiting for lack of members. o_O
19th-Sep-2005 01:30 am - Slytherin Stuff

Ship Fic: Write a ship fic. Due October 3.
Animation: Make an animation. Due September 30.
Mod's Title: Submit custom titles for your mods. Due September 26.


Congratulations to Walden, our captain, and Elladora, our vice-captain. Also, congratulations to the others who made the team. Be sure to cheer on your team, folks, when the games start.


Take them.

House Awards

House awards have started again! Please submit award ideas!
16th-Sep-2005 01:17 am - Reminder
The Professor for a Day and LJ Layout contest entries are due tomorrow night (well, tonight). 23 hours from now, basically. So please submit them soon if you were planning to do them. ;-)
10th-Sep-2005 11:23 pm - Stuff
The "Professor for a Day" contest deadline has been extended to September 16. That's the same deadline as the layout contest, folks, so please remember both!

Just try to vote on the Quidditch poll, nonplayers. Ha ha! I deleted the nonplayer's vote and closed the thread.

Also, please remember my two current offers (or become aware of them if you weren't):

1) I'm donating $1 to a Katrina charity for every icon you submit to me. See my HC banner.
2) I've reposted my hosting offer for anyone who needs help hosting graphics.
4th-Sep-2005 11:35 pm - 200-icon Katrina challenge!
Help victims of Katrina by making me icons! LOL!

Icon Challenge
4th-Sep-2005 06:21 pm - Stuff. And Katrina.
A few items:

1) Muggle Studies homework is due tonight (in about 5.5 hours). I apologize for saying it was due sooner than that. I was wrong.

2) Interested in helping Katrina victims? Check out this: HP Relief Squad.

3) There's been vague talk of doing something on the board for Katrina. Anyone have any specific ideas for the house?

4) I might do something on my journal. I'll think about it. Stay tuned.

5) We have two contests running. Join in!
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