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HC Slytherin House
In Slytherin, you'll meet your real friends.
Slytherin stuff 
26th-Sep-2005 10:56 am
Some contest stuff:

1) Entries for the mod title contest are due tonight.
2) Ship fic entries are due October 3.
3) Animation contest entries are due September 30.

House awards:

1) Vote for your favorite awards and help us narrow down the list! Voting will stay open until October 2.
2) Be the house awards banner maker! 5 points if we vote for your entry!

Yes, we're busy little beavers. And I'll be away for a few days myself, although I'll check in in the evenings, I guess.

Also, Quidditch team members, remember to stay active! I know it's been going slowly and is now not going at all in Nikki's absence, but it'll be back on soon enough, and we'd better not be forfeiting for lack of members. o_O
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