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HC Slytherin House
In Slytherin, you'll meet your real friends.
More Slytherin stuff 
7th-Oct-2005 12:39 am
Before you ask, yes, we'll get the existing contest entries judged. Ahem.


1) Custom WOL contest: Come up with custom locations for your mods! An easy, low-points contest.
2) Trivia contest: Answer 10 HP trivia questions. Woot.
3) Animate Me contest: Damnit, someone will send me an entry. (Besides what I have.) *poke*

Also, new tonight:

A Halloween pet photo contest! It's boardwide. Let's kick the asses of those in other houses.

Meanwhile, please nominate for house awards if you haven't. And vote on the banner maker. And nominate people for Slytherin of the Month.
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