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HC Slytherin House
In Slytherin, you'll meet your real friends.
House stuff! 
31st-Oct-2005 10:12 pm
I guess I haven't updated in a bit. And no one else ever does. So...here I am. (Y'all know you can post here, right? o_O)

House Awards

We've had some already. Three (the ones for other houses) are ending tonight, less than 2 hours from this post. But I've gone ahead and posted the next three.


It's over for some of you and almost over for the rest of us, but by gum, we have a forum for it. We have the following:

Magical Murder: We're having a murder mystery, and y'all are the detectives!

Pumpkin Carving: Go check out our pumpkin graphic contest.

Masquerade Ball: Get on the dance floor and boogie to "Monster Mash."

Haunted Mansion: The haunted house is back!


We need a couple more subs for Quidditch, folks (or is it one now?). The first scrimmage is scheduled for Friday.

Trivia Contest

Slytherin's having another trivia contest. Entries are due...Wednesday, I think...something like that.

Welcoming Committee

Congratulations to Carol (Barty Crouch, Jr.) for being named the leader of the committee and for being made an RP teacher.
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